nokia flagship phone: Why you may not get OnePlus 9 series or iPhone rival from Nokia any time soon

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Home of HMD Global Nokia phones, has confirmed that it will not bring any flagship Nokia device at least for now. In an interview with Android authorities, Adam Ferguson, HMD’s global head of product marketing, said that launching a flagship Nokia phones Doesn’t make sense for the company right now. “Making an $ 800 phone doesn’t make sense to us right now,” he said.
HMD says it will focus on its core business for the time being, which includes entry-level and mid-range smartphones along with feature phones.
At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) event, technology companies from around the world showcased their flagship devices. We’ve seen big announcements to name a few from Realm, Samsung and OnePlus. But Nokia was missing from the list of top devices. Not that HMD Global-owned company was completely absent from the event, but the phones that Nokia unveiled at the event were essentially entry-level phones.
Nokia has tried everything to stay relevant in the mobile segment. This has strengthened its presence in the feature phone segment. It’s innovating with high-end phones, offering quick updates and a cleaner Android One experience. Nokia 9 PureView Which was launched in 2019 is a bold attempt by the company to revive its name in the premium camera phone segment. The handset has a penta-lens camera setup on the back. Unfortunately, the device was not well received. There are many rumors that Nokia will bring a sequel to the phone, but no Nokia flagship has come out since then.
So what’s the next lie for Nokia? HMD GlobalAs we mentioned above, we aim to focus on feature phones with low-end and mid-range phones. It says it wants to be the market leader for prepaid smartphones in the United States and plans to split services into separate segments, such as IoT data roaming and SIM management.




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