Not apologising enough is a major parenting mistake we all do

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Have you ever apologized to your child? Have you ever thought of apologizing to a small child?


We never think of apologizing to a child because of the way we view our relationship with the child. From generation to generation, the relationship of child and parent has always been seen as a donor and seeker, teacher and student, big and small, small and big and the list goes on.

Reduce social conditioning

It is time to make some changes in the social rules that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Our previous generation had a different way of parenting that was free of many of us like today.

Today’s parenting has to deal with the internet, easy communication methods, different attitudes towards friendships and a very distinct understanding of relationships.

The guardianship of our generation has no place for the boundary between parent and child. Since there are so many ways available for an individual, it is important to break the boundaries of parental children and include them in your life.

Nowadays, parent-child relationships are two-way and more about inclusion, acceptance and accountability.

Oscillation of the method

Your child is always your reflection. Be it social presence or behavior, a child’s empty mind will always perceive things from parents and adults.

This is why it is always warned that children should never face an abusive relationship and this is why many parents choose to move away from a troubled marriage before it begins to affect the child.

A child’s mind absorbs behavior from parents. No matter how much you teach them, a child will only follow when he sees you doing it. Imitation is a very natural way for children to learn behavior.

Here is a mother who faces the importance of apologizing for the parent-child relationship:

“The other day I made a big parenting mistake,” he began his description in a video posted on Instagram, saying, “My daughter Sam fell in love with this shiny dress at the club. I thought it was silly and didn’t want to spend 15 for it.” So I told his dad he probably wouldn’t like it. When we got to the register, I saw that he really liked it and told him we could get it. Do you know what he told me? ”

“No, I don’t want it, Dad wouldn’t like it. So we went without it and I realized I made a huge mistake. I taught my 3 year old to take someone else’s approval and pay the price. Later in the afternoon, with tears in my eyes, I apologized for what I had said and told him that the really important thing was that he liked it and that it made him happy. We were going to have a lot of trouble. Parents. I’m learning every day. Don’t forget to apologize when you do, “he says in the video.

This video posted March 23 has received a positive response from Instagram users.

While many may link the narrator’s motives and the need to apologize for putting the video online, many others understand the idea of ​​giving children a place of their own.

Interestingly, many users called the narrator to use her husband, unknowingly or without his opinion, when initially denying the daughter’s dress.

“I’m curious about what you said when you apologized to her for what you said. I like this part of it. However, she says her dad doesn’t like the dress. It seems very unfair to her. He deserves an apology. ‘Everyone is together or not). That’s fair. Although I really appreciate apologizing to the child,’ wrote one user.




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