“Our son and daughter in law should pay us 5 crores”: Father, mother sue son and his wife for not giving them a grandchild

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In Haridwar, Uttarakhand, a couple went to court against their son and daughter-in-law for not giving them a grandson yet. They have brought allegations of domestic and emotional harassment against the young couple and demanded compensation of Rs 5 crore from their grandchildren.

According to reports, Sanjeev Prasad and Sadhana Prasad married their son Shre Sagar in 2016 to Shubhangi. The couple was sent to Thailand for their honeymoon but was mentally harassed whenever they asked for grandchildren.

“They got married in 2016 hoping to have grandchildren. We didn’t think about gender, we just wanted a grandchild, ”said father Sanjeev Prasad.

“We did everything for our child. We raised him in the best way possible. We spent Rs 35 lakh and sent her to USA for her pilot training course and an additional Rs 20 lakh for her beautiful lifestyle. Also, we bought an Audi car for him and his wife. We have borrowed Rs 65 lakh for the car. We married her in 2016 so she can carry on our family name. But six years have passed and they are not fulfilling our wishes, ”added Shreya Sagar’s mother.

The elderly couple have accused their daughter-in-law of mentally harassing the mother-in-law for questioning the grandson.

“We are in financial and personal trouble. We took out a loan to build a house. We have demanded Rs 2.5 crore from both my son and daughter-in-law in our petition, ”the father added.

Advocate AK Srivastava told the media that the case portrayed the truth of the society. “We invest in our children, enabling them to work in good organizations. Children are indebted to the basic financial care of their parents. The parents have demanded compensation of Rs 5 crore for the grandchildren within a year, ”he confirmed.

The couple’s plea, filed in Haridwar, is expected to be heard in a court on May 17.

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