password: Explained: What is Google Password manager and how it works

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Google’s Password The manager saves your most used certificates and helps users easily log in to websites. Chrome Browser This is an ecosystem-wide service Google Order And Android users. In addition to saving existing passwords, Chrome’s password manager also includes a password generator that helps users create strong, complex and unique passwords for personal online accounts.
Last month’s report said that Google Chrome was also adding the ability to “send” passwords. A more recent report claims that the tech giant is even preparing to add the ability to save notes as well as passwords to Chrome’s built-in password manager. Here we will discuss how safe Google Password Manager And some other aspects of the service.
How does Google’s password manager work?
Google’s password manager does exactly what his name suggests – it saves passwords. In addition, it saves usernames and email addresses linked to an account. Users can choose to save unlimited account certificates in the password manager. In addition, it’s an ecosystem-wide service, which means you can access the same stored passwords when you access them. Google Chrome on your PC as well as your Android device.
Other devices that can use Google Chrome, such as iOS devices, Chromebooks and tablets, are also included in this ecosystem. For easy access at all times, each password is synced across all the devices you use. As mentioned earlier, the tech giant is planning to launch some additional features besides just saving passwords. We will notify you as soon as the service is updated.
How secure is Google’s password manager?
Users don’t have to worry about their passwords stored in Google Password Manager until their parent login credentials are strengthened. This is true of the security measures that Google employs to keep your data completely secure, like the company’s 2-step verification system.
Users are advised to turn on Google’s 2-step verification service if it is not already enabled by the company. This service keeps your data even more secure as it adds an extra layer of protection that puts users at their toes. Google notifies users when someone tries to log in to their Google Account. Notifications are sent to the user before any fraudster can gain access to the account using common methods.
Google’s Password Manager vs. Third-Party Password Manager: Which is Better?
Users can also choose other password manager options such as LastPass and 1Password which are also enabled services. These password managers also offer some additional security features such as – archiving documents, Aadhaar card information and much more. The only downside, however, is that these are subscription-based services, while Google’s password manager is free for Chrome users and also very capable of securing your data.




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