performance detector: Microsoft Edge to get a new tool that will detect performance issues

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Microsoft Is working on a new tool calledPerformance detectorFor Edge Web browser, according to the latest report from Windows. According to reports, the new tool will allow users to detect and debug performance issues with web browsers to improve overall performance.
The report suggests that the tool will identify performance issues and recommend steps that users can take or follow to resolve them. The new tool is expected to come first in Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.
Performance detectors, according to reports, use built-in sleeping tabs to identify and resolve performance issues.
According to the report, the new tool is expected to join Edge’s built-in efficiency mode, which the company plans to add to the web browser soon. Efficiency mode will optimize browser performance and overall responsiveness by making better use of system resources.
Kicker Microsoft EdgeIts performance detector feature works
As mentioned, the Performance Detector feature identifies performance issues with browser-based open tabs, extensions, and more.
According to Microsoft Edge’s Settings page, “When it’s running, the Browser tab identifies performance issues and recommends a step toward resolving them.”
Microsoft did not properly explain how this feature works. What we’re assuming is that the tool will inform users about a specific tab that takes up more resources than usual or other tabs.
The tool is expected to monitor other features of the browser, including extensions, and notify users of any problems they may have encountered, and suggest some steps that users can take to resolve the issue.




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