Pradhan meets counterparts from Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana

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New Delhi : Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan today held a series of bilateral meetings with counterparts from Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ghana in New Delhi. During the bilateral meeting, the Union Education Minister called for strengthening cooperation in the field of education and skills.

During a meeting with Mauritius Deputy Prime Minister and Third Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Leela Devi Dukun-Luchumun, the Chief Minister said that India and Mauritius enjoy a special relationship and are united by history, culture, language and the Indian Ocean.

He highlighted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given top priority to deepening bilateral ties with Mauritius. He assured that India is committed to work together with Mauritius and provide assistance in capacity building in all areas of education and skill development.

According to an official statement, the chief also said that India would be privileged to work with Mauritius to establish it as a center of knowledge and expertise in Africa and Southeast Asia. Both countries have agreed to work holistically to deepen our engagement in the knowledge domain and to further enliven our partnership.

During a meeting with the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Zanzibar, Lela Muhammad Musa, the chief said India was happy to assist Tanzania with the IIT project. IITs in Tanzania can be a hub for technology education in Africa. He outlined the support required to implement the project and also conveyed India’s desire to establish a 21st Century Center of Excellence in Zanzibar. He also said that NEP is paving the way for education in India.

Principal invites Tanzanian and African students to study in India. Her Excellency Mrs. Leila Muhammad Musa assured all necessary support to further revitalize education and skills cooperation and for the prosperity of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Both the Ministers had meaningful discussions on strengthening our traditionally close and cordial relations and making knowledge and expertise sharing a key pillar of our bilateral relations.

The Chief met with Raimore Machingura, Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Zimbabwe in his office today. They had fruitful discussions on strengthening our partnership in education and skill development. Both India and Africa have mutual aspirations and priorities.

Pradhan suggested the formation of a joint working group on education, skill development and capacity building between India and Zimbabwe. Machingura also expressed his willingness to form a joint working group. Both Ministers agreed to deepen our engagement from schools to research for mutual enrichment and growth. India is proud to be a trusted partner of Zimbabwe and Africa.

Dharmendra Pradhan during a meeting with Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Education. John Ntim Fordjo proposed the establishment of institutional mechanisms and joint working groups between India and Ghana to achieve mutual priorities from pre-school to research. John expressed his alignment with the concept and agreed to work together to strengthen academic engagement.

The Ministers held fruitful discussions to further enliven our warm and cordial relations and strengthen bilateral ties in the field of education and skill development.

“Ministers from Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ghana are here to attend the UNESCO India Africa Hackathon, which is currently underway. According to AISHE data (2019-20), a total of 11083 African students are studying in India,” the Ministry of Education said.

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