Pre-Holi skincare tips to keep in mind

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With Holi around the corner, this is the perfect time to rejoice with color and water. However, Holi can also be a warning time as artificial colors can cause a lot of problems. Whether it is dry skin, allergies or hair loss, the color of artificial holly has a detrimental effect overall. Therefore, it becomes really important to make sure that one is fully prepared to avoid it.

Here are some quick and easy tips that you can follow to avoid skin and hair loss while enjoying the spirit of Holi.

This can be started by following the pre-Holi care which can help to reduce the deep and bad effects on the day of Holi.

Use ice cubes on your skin

On the day of Holi, before going out, you can rub ice on your face as it can help close the pores of your skin. Gently massage the ice cubes on your clean face for about 10 minutes. This simple technique will prevent the color from getting inside your skin and will not cause damage.

Apply oil to your skin

Before going out and playing Holi, be sure to oil your skin properly. This will help create a barrier between your skin and complexion. Oils prevent dyes from entering your skin and make them easier to remove later. You can use different oil blends like coconut oil, almond oil or castor oil.

Use sunscreen and moisturizer

Like other days, you need sunscreen before playing Holi. Before going out and playing Holi in the sun, you need to apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your skin. Stick with a high SPF because it does not allow sunlight to damage your skin and will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Put varnish on your nails

It can be very difficult to remove the color of holi from your nails. The colors can stick with them for weeks. An easy solution is to apply varnish or nail paint. This will provide a layer of protection between your nails and the color, thus keeping your nails clean and safe.

Wear covered clothing

When going out to play Holi, try to wear clothes that cover the skin. It can reduce the surface area for skin damage. Wear flower sleeves so that less area comes in contact with color which means less damage.

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