Priyanka Chopra shares her baby girl ‘Malti Marie’ spent 100 days in NICU; brings to light the rollercoaster journey of many parents

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Not all parents can return home with their children immediately after birth. Some children spend more time in hospital due to special health conditions that require specialist care. And when these parents are told that the child needs to spend more time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), it is crushing and terrifying for them. Many families have to endure the pain of leaving their baby in NICU for more than a few months. So when Priyanka Chopra Jonas shared a picture of her and Nick Jonas with her newborn baby Malti Marie Chopra Jonas in her Mother’s Day post, she shared that after spending more than 100 days in NICU, their baby finally came home, it was reassuring for many. Parents of children who are in NICU while typing it.

In her post, Priyanka Chopra shared, “On Mother’s Day we can’t help but reflect on the last few months and the roller coasters we’ve been on, which we know now, a lot of people have experienced 100 100 plus days at NICU, Our little girl is finally home. Every family journey is unique and requires a certain level of trust, and when we had a challenging few months, that became abundantly clear, in the previous view, how precious and perfect each moment was. We are very happy that Our little girl has finally come home, and I just want to thank every doctor, nurse and specialist … ”

While there is nothing that can fully prepare a parent to deal with the news, we try to help you find ways to get through difficult times.

First, allow yourself to feel the range of emotions. Most people will ask you to be strong and positive but it’s okay to be sorry, it’s okay to cry. No level of positivity or energy will help you to reach this stage easily – you will be overwhelmed and learn to accept it.

Second, take stock of things. Do what you research, talk to doctors and find the best benefits and care for your newborn. When you can visit, when you can see siblings, how often mom can feed, how often you can talk to the doctor for updates – all this information will make you feel more equipped and confident.

Find support. You will find many support groups and communities where parents who have gone through similar ordeals or are experiencing them at the same time as you, will be able to support you and suggest ways to take it better.

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Familiarize yourself with the doctors. You will see several faces of doctors and nurses and a good way to be able to ask the right questions they know. Also learn about the shift time of the nurse on duty so you can get new stock of the situation.

  1. What are the common conditions treated in NICU?
    Premature birth / anemia, heart problems, shortness of breath, pneumonia, jaundice, low blood sugar, birth defects




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