‘Pushpa-The Rise’ actress Rashmika Mandanna just wore a Kodava style sari, here’s what makes it so special

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Telugu actress Rashmika Mandanna has been making news since her last release Pushpa-The Rise became a blockbuster, breaking all records at the box office. The beautiful woman is not only a great actress but also a fashionista who loves to wear statement making clothes. Although she has always inspired millennials to experiment with clothes, her recent sari outing has fascinated everyone, as it has revived an old tradition.

Kodava sari

Rashmika wore a midnight blue georgette sari by designer Nitika Gujral. The beautiful sari has antique Zardozi embroidery. She wore the sari in Kurgi Kodava style. What makes the gesture so special is that Rashmika wore the drape to pay homage to the Kodava community and her ancestors.

The dark blue drape is made entirely in India and costs Rs 77,500.


Styled by celebrity stylist Stacey Cardoz, Rashmika has finished with her color oxidized earrings and rings.

He looked stunning

We love the gorgeous blue sari of Rashmika and think it might be the perfect choice for your friend’s wedding or festive season.

  1. What is Kodava sari?
    It is a special sari-wearing style that belongs to the Kodava community, an ethnic group in the Kodagu (Coorg) region of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.
  2. What makes it special?
    Kodava or Kodagu style draping features are made on the back instead of the front. What makes this draping style even more different is that the loose edge of the sari is dropped from the back to the front over the right shoulder and pinned to the rest of the sari.




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