Remarkable feats of women that were rightly predicted by celeb astrologers

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He gave us birth, He gave us love, He taught us to smile and reach those extra miles. He is the poster-face of every superpower, the author of his stories, many hat dons, he is irresistible. It is the hand that shakes the swing and rules the world. He is indeed the best creation of God; He came from Venus – the planet of love!

“Men from Mars and women from Venus.” And based on numerology and our predictions made last year, 2022 which is a total of 6, guided by Venus. Thus, “We, the women of Venus, will be victorious!”

‘Venus’ represents all the qualities that ‘female’ usually carries, as well as genetically such as luxury, peace, harmony, love, beauty and prosperity and so on!

Calling women the backbone of society is an understatement considering their share of selfless sacrifice and upbringing. I think from personal experience – a lot of times, we get calls from women willing to consult – not for themselves, but first for their immediate family.

While revolutions led by women have literally turned the world upside down and transformed, let’s take a look at some of the most significant feats of women that we have predicted to blossom on this Venus planet.

Dominance of sex-ratio

For the first time; According to the NFHS survey, there are more women than men in India. It looks like women are not only taller than men, they are extending the ceiling, because only the sky is the limit!




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