Renuka Jallapuram, CEO of Flying Caps Technologies: Gaming can be an amazing field for women developers

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Renuka Jallapuram Has over 10 years of experience in IT and gaming industry and is currently its CEO Flying Caps Technologies. Starting as a software developer, Renuka focused on mobile gaming, partnering with her husband, to create exciting games that would be played by the world. Today, his studio has launched 10 games and has more than 100 million downloads worldwide Google The game is a dream come true. Recently, Slink.ioA game from his studio was selected as part of a team of 100 promising startups to be trained as part of an initiative by AppScale Academy, Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and Google.
Have you been introduced to flying caps technology?
I have always been fascinated by the possibilities of software engineering. I started my career as a software developer in Java, J2EE, and RPA automation and worked with companies like HCL and Cognizant. However, I always wanted to develop something of my own and felt the immense potential in the mobile gaming industry. So I decided that what I really needed to do was change my career path and enter the mobile gaming department with my husband. Chandrashekhar Manubalu.
How was your journey as a female game developer?
The journey was not easy. Software development and game development are two different capabilities. But over time, I have been able to learn on my own and take full ownership of new indie games. Finally, in 2019, I decided to go beyond being a developer and co-founded Flying Caps Technologies, a gaming company through which my husband and I hope to create exciting games that people around the world will play. I am waiting for the launch of games for female gamers by female developers
What is the main focus of your game?
We started creating indie games in 2016 with the goal of reaching people worldwide and giving them a unique and disruptive gaming experience. Today, we have created Flying Caps technology. With Google Play, we’ve been able to better understand how our games are growing and gain deeper insights from our viewers. The platform helps us gain a better insight into the user base and the technical aspects of the game.
How has the app ecosystem evolved in post-epidemic India, especially with online gaming?
Mobile gaming is on the rise in India, with the epidemic seeing more and more people coming online as well as spending time online. Internet usage has also increased as data consumption in the country has come down. India’s gaming base has grown significantly and demand for local gaming solutions is expected to grow. However, despite the growing demand, it was a challenging stage for studios like ours. We wanted to launch a lot of new games, but we had to suspend our recruitment plans because of the epidemic.
We are now looking forward to expanding our business. We want to introduce games across the category – multiplayer, hyper-casual, and games powered by AR and VR. We believe that gaming can be an amazing field for women developers and looking forward to moving to campus to bring new talent onboard.
What message would you like to share with your fellow female developers on this Women’s Day?
I want to emphasize that we need more female game developers. There has been a significant increase in the female gaming population, which makes it an ideal opportunity for female game developers to thrive. I encourage women developers across the country to take the initiative to create their own opportunities and help them realize their dreams. It’s time to be smart, confident and create for the world.




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