russia: Russia bans Meta, Instagram: What court said while labelling Facebook as ‘extremist’

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A Moscow court has issued a restraining order Facebook And on Instagram RussiaLabeling the parent company of the two social networks Meta Platform Inc. As “extremists”.
In its ruling, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office said the case was aimed at protecting Russians from “violating their rights”, Xinhua news agency reported.
“Meta violates its own rules by allowing posts, including violent speeches against the Russian military, and ignores more than 4,500 requests for Russian special military operations and calls for unauthorized rallies.”
The court’s decision will take effect immediately but will not take effect WhatsApp.
Under the regime, the Russian media must now announce Meta Whenever it is referred to as an “extremist” organization, a BBC report says.
The title must be mentioned every time the meta is mentioned in the media for the supervision of the Russian Federal Service for Communications, Information Technology and the media.
Meta has been banned from doing business in Russia, accusing the prosecutor general’s office and Russia’s Federal Security Service of using social media giants to work against Moscow and its armed forces.
Facebook has been shut down in Russia since March 4.




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