Russia-Ukraine war impacts Milan Fashion Week

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Milan Fashion Week continues on Thursday in the shadow of a possible economic response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its move toward tougher Western sanctions.

The head of the Italian Fashion Council says luxury exports worth more than 1 billion euros to Russia could be at risk, even as Russian buyers return to Milan for the first time since the epidemic, thanks to a deal with the government to recognize Sputnik. V. for business travelers.

Carlo Capasa, president of the Italian National Fashion Chamber, told the Associated Press: “If this continues, there will be losses. “But it’s not even a moment to think about economic losses, people are hurting themselves.”

Even though the runways did not reflect this, the fashion world made their rounds as the attack went on in the background, and the realization that again, the world could change in a flash. Exactly two years ago, during a preview of the February Fashion Week, the first case of a locally infected virus in the West was discovered near Milan.

“We’re coming out of the epidemic. I don’t want to think about the European war. I think we had enough,” said Ariana Casadei, the third generation of the Emilia Romagna shoe-making family off the coast of Italy.




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