samsung foldable devices: Samsung developing new foldable devices to release this year

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Samsung A new foldable device may be created that is expected to be unveiled at the next big unpacked event. Sammobile reports that in addition to the South Korean smartphone giant Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, there may be a third folding device in the pipeline. The report suggests that the company has three codenames for this year’s foldable projects – B4, Q4 and N4.
Last year, the codenames for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 were B3 and Q3, respectively, so we can assume that the N4 codename is for a brand new foldable device. The tech giant has recently discontinued the Galaxy Note series and we may not see its return anytime soon.
What can be expected from the codename N4 device?
There is no official word on the type of device that Samsung codenamed N4. We can call it a foldable device because the South Korean tech giant is testing and demonstrating prototypes of various foldable and rollable devices.
Samsung has filed a number of patents in the last few years, including one with a rollable display and one that has been folded into various shapes. The N4 may not be that extreme, but it could be the company’s next innovative design. The report further states that Samsung will not make as many new models as the other two foldable handsets.




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