samsung foldable phone: Samsung may be working on a dual-hinge smartphone, claims tipster

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Samsung Can work on a dual-hing smartphone, claims South Korean liar Dohiun Kim in a tweet. Tipster accurately predicted information about the Galaxy S22 series. This time, he claims that Samsung is actually going for a phone with a multi-fold design, a phone that can fold vertically and horizontally.
After folding it vertically, the display will be on the outside, leaving room for the rear camera (which is said to be made up of three sensors with LED flash, all aligned vertically) right next to the edge of the folded part. Display. For example, this design scheme may require a larger phone than the one launched by Samsung so far. Huawei has Mate X2 and Xiaomi, Mr. Mix FoldBoth phones have an 8-inch display.
When folded horizontally, the display will be on the inside. Rumor has it the phone is called Tipster Galaxy Z Fold 4. With the help of LetsGoDigital people, he shared a 3D rendering of the phone concept.

Samsung is also considering creating a new user interface for multi-fold smartphones, Tipster claims.
Z-shaped Foldable phone Patent
The Galaxy Z Flip phones are very compact when folded vertically and when folded, the Galaxy Z Fold series can be opened like a book. However, in addition to the design mentioned above, there is one more foldable design that the South Querran tech giant could think of. This foldable design allows the phone to be folded into a Z-shape, and according to an earlier report from LetsGoDigital, the company has recently been granted a patent for it.
According to reports, with the new design, an upcoming foldable phone could be folded into a Z-shape, as it will have three separate sections that will help give it that shape. For the interior, Samsung is said to be able to leave the middle part of the phone without any complicated interior so that it can adapt to the structural strength of the device while the battery and circuit boards are in the rear and front folds. Instruments. When opened, the smartphone will look like a small tablet.
According to the patent sketch, the design as part of the screen has a primary display with an in-display fingerprint sensor. On the back, there is a triple rear camera setup and a USB connector for data transfer and charging.




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