samsung: Future Apple iPhones and Samsung foldable smartphones may use same camera technology

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Samsung It is reported that for 2023, a new display with under-panel camera technology is being created Apple iPhone 15 Pro Model (temporary name). According to a report on the Korean website The Elek, Apples Samsung will use new technology to hide the face ID under the display. Such suggestions have been made in the report Apple iPhone The front of the 15 Pro model can only have a punch hole camera as the Face ID will be hidden under the display.
Under-panel camera technology makes the lens hole disappear when the camera function is not used, the report said. Samsung has used the same technology in its latest foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 which was launched last year.
According to reports, if Samsung develops the technology as planned, it will first be applied to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 (temporary name) which is also rumored to launch next year. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is said to use the same technology as the current generation of foldable smartphones.
Previously similar designs were also predicted for Apple iPhone 14 Pro model. However, display industry consultant Ross Young suggested that smartphones would have a punch-hole cutout to hold the front camera and a pill-shaped cutout with an infrared camera for Face ID. In a follow-up tweet, Young also suggested that we don’t see an under-display infrared camera until 2023 or 2024.
The report further suggests that Apple has rejected the panel under camera technology that uses laser drilling methods. Existing under panel cameras are made using this method only.




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