samsung: OnePlus’ 2021 woes seem to be now Samsung’s troubles

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Samsung Some apps have been accused of throttling or limiting performance. According to Twitter user aryGaryeonHan and some Samsung users in Korea, Samsung has installed a system app called Game Optimizing Service (GOS) on its smartphones which limits the functionality of some apps. The system app is the default app for smartphones and cannot be removed. Garionhan published a long thread on Twitter with the same description. Here are the tweets:
“Samsung has created an app called GOS and used the app to limit game performance, making the gaming experience worse. However, according to what the Korean community found today, Samsung has confirmed that it has restricted performance to more than 10,000 apps … ”
“Samsung employees have criticized Volkswagen’s Dieselgate for misbehaving. Accordingly, Samsung has launched an investigation, and there are rumors that Lee Ja-young, Samsung’s vice chairman, is stepping down.”
The tweet also shared a list of 10,000 apps that are apparently being throttled by Samsung via GOS.

The claim suggests that instead of optimizing the game’s performance, Samsung is using the tool to limit the performance of non-gaming apps that are part of the Game Optimizing Services list. A YouTuber has also shown this, where he can change the name of the 3D Mark app to the GOS service to think that the app is a part of GOS.
In the meantime, the list released by the Community Forum includes gaming as well as other apps such as Instagram, Microsoft Office App, TikTok, Netflix, Google, YouTube, etc. The list includes some of Samsung’s own apps such as Samsung Pay, Secure Folders and more importantly the list does not include any benchmarking apps like 3D Mark, Antutu etc.
So far, there is no clarity about the Samsung smartphones that come with this GOS app The Times of India-Gadgets did not find the app on Galaxy S22 series phones. A report from Never claims that Samsung has launched an investigation into the issue and may issue an official statement soon. We also couldn’t find the app on the Samsung Galaxy Fold device.
OnePlus also faced similar complaints in 2021 Smartphone sellers have been seen throttle some popular Android apps OnePlus justified its decision by optimizing apps to better manage battery life and heating issues.




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