samsung: Samsung launches new limited edition variant of Galaxy Z Flip 3

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 A special edition variant will now be available for a limited time. According to a post in Samsung’s Newsroom, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Music Tiger Edition Launched May 16 and will only be available in South Korea
“Music Tiger is a character design brand whose idea is to aim and encourage a free life where you can leave your job and do whatever you want.” Has done.
The Music Tiger version will come in a special package that includes a Galaxy Z Flip 3 terminal, a clear cover and a non-Zick Tiger accessory (a non-Zick Tiger key ring, two pallets, a bag and a grip talk).
The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Muzik Tiger Edition is priced at 1,280,400 won (based on factory price). Can be purchased from Samsung Electronics Website, Galaxy Campus Store, G Market and Auction, according to Samsung.
Samsung The limited edition version also pays compensation if purchased from the official website. It also offers instant discounts on repair costs, and a full-time care service ‘Samsung Care Plus’ that can even be repaired on site with a one-year loss guarantee.
This is the third special edition of Galaxy Z Flip 3 that Samsung has launched. Earlier it launched a special Thom Brown version and then last month it unveiled a Pokemon special version Galaxy Z Flip 3.




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