ShareChat announces new childcare, fertility and adoption policies for employees

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ShareChat Announced new policies for staff on child care, fertility, abortion and adoption. The company has decided to allocate five days a year to all its employees for emergencies related to the health or education of their children. The company will pay Rs 7,000 per month per child up to the age of six, to all female employees as house nanny expenses.
The company will provide adoption assistance in the form of 26 weeks leave for mothers of children under 6 months of age and 12 weeks leave for adoption of children above that age. In addition, fertility-related treatments such as egg freezing and care packages for all pregnant mothers will now be part of ShareChat’s employee health insurance policy. Commissioning mothers will be given leave for up to 12 weeks. The company will give 5 days leave for an associate who is undergoing a tubectomy or vasectomy procedure.
Speaking at the announcement, Mitali DabralVice President, Human resources, ShareChat and Moj said, “Our goal is to create a truly inclusive and vibrant workplace where our employees feel valued, supported and valued. International Women’s Day is a celebration of femininity, and we could not have imagined a better time to launch an initiative aimed at providing overall well-being for all our employees. ”




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