Signs your child has an eating disorder and what you should do

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Eating disorder is not only a condition but also a range of mental conditions that can lead to bad eating habits. Initially one’s obsession with food, weight and one’s body shape can develop, which can change their eating habits.

There are many types of eating disorders. These include:

Anorexia – People who suffer from anorexia are obsessed with getting thin and go to great lengths to avoid weight gain.

Bulimia – Bulimia is a condition in which people tend to overeat and then take action to get rid of the calories they eat. It can make them very sick.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) – It is a disorder in which people eat unhealthy foods frequently even though they are not hungry.

Eating Disorders (EDNOS) – Also known as Atypical Eating Disorders, an Eating Disorders that are not specified is an eating disorder classification for people who do not fall into the diagnostic criteria for any other eating disorders.

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