Simple hacks to get thick eyebrows

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Thick eyebrows come back with a bang and if your eyebrows are still fluttering, it’s time to raise them. Although raising eyebrows can be an easy task for some people, some women have problems with hair growth. But here are some simple hacks that will help you grow your eyebrows easily.


The easiest way to thicken your eyebrows is to massage regularly, using any oil – olive, coconut or almond – all three oils are great for hair growth.

Lean towards them
It takes a long time for eyebrows to grow. Stay away from tweezers and razors for 12 weeks to get full growth. Use a spooly brush and brush them towards the hair every day. Once you feel that your eyebrows are fully grown, you can shape them using a placer or thread.


Your eyebrow area needs to be hydrated and nourished. Use some petroleum jelly to lock in moisture. You can apply it 2-3 times a day to enhance hair growth.

The white part of the egg

Eggs contain protein, which helps in hair growth and nourishes the hair follicles. Beat the egg whites and apply this solution for 20 minutes.




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