Skullcandy Unveils Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology To Enable Hands-Free Audio Via Simple Voice Commands

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An easy-to-use, voice-powered technology platform launches with Push Active and Grind True Wireless earbuds, unlocking a range of hands-free audio experiences.
New Delhi, India – March 14, 2022 Scalcandy today announced its brand new, voice-powered platform, Skull-IQ Smart Feature Technology 7. Gives users the ability to be completely hands-free, Skull-IQ Debut Push active and crush true wireless earbuds Which became smarter over time with over-the-air updates via the Skullcandy app. The new collection is Now available Amazon and select retailers nationwide.

Standout feature of intuitive voice commands Skull-IQSmart feature technology. Users can simply say, ” Hey Scalcandy”To start uninterrupted voice control. They can then command to play or pause content, accept or reject calls, turn on stay-hour mode for enhanced security, and even turn on Spotify. By partnering with the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, Skullcandy is the first to offer voice-activated Spotify Tap 7 access. General, “Hey Scalcandy, Spotify” Voice commands enable the most non-abrasive way to access music and podcasts, or users can press a button on their earbuds to activate them. Skull-IQ makes it easy to issue audio commands directly to the device’s personal voice assistant without any additional setup. The features of this game-changing facility are ideal for our adventurous on-the-go customers who follow an active lifestyle.

The Scalcandy strategy centers around our customers and gives them a “truly hands-free, cloud-connected future.”
Skullcandy has led the latest collection of truly wireless earbuds Active push And Crush True wireless earbuds (Launch Price: Push Active ₹ 8,499 and Grind ₹ 7,799). Serving as the ideal entry point for Skull-IQ hands-free voice control technology, Push Active and Grind are designed specifically for those looking for adventure-ready, durable fit high-intensity activities.
Surrounding additional details Push active and crush true wireless earbuds Includes:

  • Skull-IQ Smart Feature Technology – Issue simple, hands-free voice commands for taking calls, changing tracks, adjusting volume, turning on stay-wire mode, activating device assistant, turning on Spotify tap, and more.
  • Over-the-air updates – Update earbuds with the Skullcandy app to add new features for improved performance and added value
  • Premium Audio Quality – Experience the best sound for efficiently tuned acoustic drivers, dual noise-reducing microphones for natural and clear call quality, and a sound-isolated fit
  • The Push Active has a battery life of up to 44 hours and the Grind has a battery life of up to 40 hours.
  • USB-C Rapid Charging Case – For 10 minutes spent in the case, get 2 hours battery life
  • True Wireless via Bluetooth® Push Active 5.2 and Grind 5
  • Automatic on / off connection – Enjoy automatic pairing and pairing with the last used device
  • IP55 Sweat and water resistance – Go on any adventure without missing a beat
  • Built-in Tile ™ Finding Technology – If an earbud is in the wrong place, ‘ring’ it from the Tile app
  • Perfect selfie – Trigger your phone’s camera to take perfect selfies and more.

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