smart sensor: Baybot launches ‘MotionAlert’ smart motion sensor at Rs 1,849

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After its first product launch ‘Open Alert‘, Mumbai-based brand Babbitt Has announced its next product for home and work.Motion alert‘Which is a wireless motion Sensor Designed to accurately detect movement and send instant notifications to your smartphone.
Babbit Motion Alert Smart Wireless Motion sensor Available on and for Rs 1,849 with 12 months warranty period.
Baybot MotionAlert: How to use the device, detection range and features
Baybot’s MotionAlert is a Wi-Fi-enabled motion sensor that runs from just two AAA cells and connects to your home or office Wi-Fi. Users can mount it on ceilings or walls with bundled 2-way adhesive or wall-mounting accessories. Then they can pair MotionAlert with them Clouds As soon as any activity is detected in the room or area, the brand demands “instant acceptance” of the account and alerts on their smartphones.
According to the company, the MotionAlert device can be installed in any area that needs to be monitored for movement, or automatically with movement. The sensor is designed in such a way that it will alert you the moment you feel the activity in the area where it is installed.
According to Baybot, the MotionAlert sensor can sense movement within a 5-meter radius / distance from it. The best installation sites are ceilings and walls, but avoid using them in corners. Once set up, users can monitor their security status directly from their smartphones. When it detects motion, it will immediately send an alert to the user’s smartphone.
Users can assign MotionAlert to work with some of their smart devices at home or in the office. The device can be used for door lock, house lighting, stair lighting, spotlight lighting at the entrance or gate, playing with the customer in the store, etc. The device can also be integrated into a smart. Using the environment Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant or IFTTT said the company.




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