Snapchat might soon introduce its in-app subscription plan

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In today’s age of subscriptions, when everything is in monthly subscriptions, from movies to games and even IPhone One day, how will social media apps stay behind? Well, they don’t. Telegram The subscription was the first to jump on the bandwagon and now Snapchat It is said to be working on a subscription plan with its own exclusive features.
News comes from Alexandro Paluzzi, A well-known developer who has been actively tweaking the still-published features of several social media applications for some time. Alessandro shared a screenshot of Snapchat’s subscription plan on Twitter, suggesting that the social media app is working to bring its subscription plan, called ‘Snapchat +’. Screenshots shared by Paluzzi show us the features and value of Snapchat +.
What to expect from Snapchat +?
Snapchat + ‘s description states, “Exclusive, experimental and pre-release features”, which means that users who subscribe to the app’s paid level will have access to certain features, some of which are still in development or beta stage.
For the price, Snapchat + is available in three subscription plans – 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Users will be able to subscribe to the 6-month plan for EUR 4.59 (Rs 375) and 24.99 EUR (Rs 2044) per month, where the one-year subscription will cost EUR 45.99 (Rs 3,762). Further, the screenshot shows that users can also get a one-week trial before committing to a subscription.
The tweets also give us an idea of ​​what Snapchat + might initially offer. First, users will be able to pin any of their friends as their ‘# 1 BFF’. There are more features like users can check their friend’s location in last 24 hours and you will also be able to see who has revisited your story. In addition, users will get exclusive access Snapchat Icon, and the app will also display a badge that you are a Snapchat + subscriber.
Snapchat + still seems to be in its infancy, and the company has never announced a subscription plan, so Snapchat + may take some time to become a reality. But for now, we know what it will bring to the table and how much it will cost.

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