sony ps5: Sony PlayStation 5 becomes available for preorders in India

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The PS5 Again available for pre-order in India. Pre-booking can be done from
Sony Center Website ( and electronics retail chain Vijay Sales from today. The console was recovered a month after it went on sale in India on 22 February.
Sony’s next-generation console comes in two models: the standard version and the digital version. However, the brand has only made the former available to Indian customers. The standard version of the next-gen console comes in at Rs 49,990, which will be available at both Vijay’s online and retail stores.
The PS5 comes in a dual-tone design with a mix of rear and white – as well as blue LED lights around the air vents at the top. In the upper left corner and on the front is the new PlayStation logo, in addition to those glossy finish houses 1-Regular and 1 Type-C port. Some of the key features of the console include a high-speed SSD, Ray tracing4K-TV gaming, pp to 120fps with 120Hz output, HDR technology, support for 8K output, Tempest 3D Audiotech, Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Trigger, etc.
Sony PlayStation5 arrives in June 2020. The next-gen console arrived in India in February last year, went to India for pre-order on July 26 and sold out within minutes. Thereafter, the pre-order was reopened on 26th August last year. The PS5 has a history of selling out very quickly within minutes of its availability so if you have a look at it, take your step quickly.




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