sony: Sony wants half of PlayStation games on PC and Mobile by 2025

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At its annual investor meeting, Sony It says it plans to roll out half of its PlayStation titles to PC and mobile by 2025. In 2022, Sony plans to release a quarter of its IP for PC and mobile, with the rest creating new titles on the PlayStation. So far, only 10 percent of IPs are available for mobile, and according to the company’s plan, it should reach 20 percent in the next three years.
Jim Ryan, President, Sony Interactive EntertainmentExpanding the company’s portfolio to PC, mobile and live services will allow the company to move away from a narrow segment of the gaming market to the ubiquity of the entire gaming scene.
Ryan added that if the company implemented its plan to expand into the PC and mobile segment, it could “significantly increase the number of people playing our games, the number of people enjoying our games, and the number of people who spend money on our games.”
Sony has recently come up with some popular PlayStation titles- Horizon: Zero dawn, The gods of warAnd The days are gone – From the PC, and they have already been minting money for the company. According to a slide from the meeting presentation, Sony has projected $ 300 million in net sales on PCs this year, up from $ 80 million in net sales on the platform last fiscal year.
In addition, Sony plans to release co-developed titles with third-party mobile developers while setting up its own studio for mobile games. And PlayStation 4 May be out in phases by 2025, suggests one of the meeting slides
Not only that, Sony is also working to bring 12 new live services by 2025 Meanwhile, it plans to release three of them this year, including MLB The Show 2022 and two unannounced titles.




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