spatial audio: Google may add this Apple-inspired feature in Pixel 6 Pro

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Google An Apple-inspired feature may be ready for this Pixel 6 Pro According to Mishal Rahman of the smartphone, files have been found inside the first one Android 13 Beta build indicates a possibility Myth Similar features ApplesIts spatial sound. This spatial effect will probably work to amplify the sound using software while listening to music Pixel 6 Pro via a headphone with high-resolution audio support.

Although part of Android 13 Beta, the spatial effect is not yet fully enabled. Is Google planning to launch this feature? Pixels 6 and 6 Pro models or other Pixel devices? We can’t say for sure. Based on the release of Android 13 Beta Build, there may also be plans to introduce support for this audio effect with Google’s Pixel Buds models.
If the Pixel phone comes with such a feature, it will be a bonus for those who are going for a Pixel device. And in the premium segment, that would be a good move. But it will take more than an audio feature to entice new customers. If Google releases the feature in general as a part of Android 13, it will further benefit the company as it will be able to make the service available to all Android users. We’ll have to wait for the full release of Android 13 later this year to find out more.




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