sprinklr: Google Cloud Marketplace now offers the Sprinklr platform

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Sprinklr, the Enterprise Integrated Customer Experience Management Platform (Unified-CXM), is now available through Google Cloud Sprinkler Platform
Availability of Sprinklr platform in Google Cloud Marketplace Integrated Google Cloud billing can provide many benefits, including a quick and easy collection cycle and dollar to dollar drawdowns for Google Cloud initiatives. It could further empty funds to help develop insight-based strategies and improved customer experience, the company claimed.
Customers who choose to host Sprinklr at GCP, The Modern Care Lite, Sprinklr’s first self-service product, will also be able to use it. This customer service solution integrates more than 12 popular care channels, including social, messaging, chat, email and voice. Sprinklr Modern Care Lite employs artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze each conversation in real-time, reducing the need for support by providing automated self-service options. When a client has to communicate with customer service, advanced features like guided workflow enable the agent to provide a solution almost immediately.
Customers can start using Modern Care Lite now and see the value within 5 minutes with a 30 day free trial.
“With the availability of Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can quickly install and scale Sprinkler platforms in Google Cloud’s robust, secure and reliable infrastructure,” he said. Doug BarutSenior Vice President of the Global Alliance at Sprinklr.




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