staqu: Staqu gives video enhancement upgrade to JARVIS

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Staqu, India’s leading AI implementation enabler, has developed JARVIS with an AI-based video enhancement technology. With this new algorithm, JARVIS claims that they are able to detect any person or object even with low quality cameras or minimal bandwidth.
Most agencies with existing CCTV Systems are currently facing the challenge of low-resolution videos due to poor camera quality or low bandwidth. This makes real-time analytics difficult for companies when it comes to gaining insights from their automated activities or other functional insights from such cameras. The goal of the new solution from JARVIS is to solve it. This will help businesses identify different activities without making new or additional investments in their infrastructure. Jarvis, whatever Video management software (VMS) And video analytics (VA) technology, can be integrated with existing CCTV cameras.
Atul Rai, co-founder and CEO Stacku Says, “At Staqu, we are always committed to studying carefully, working across different domains to understand our clients’ pain issues. We ensure that all of our features are robust, solution-driven and always consistent with this domain. We have infrastructural challenges in different domains. Jarvis’ latest progress is a testament to our perseverance, and we are now more confident in serving our customers seamlessly than ever before. ”




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