stories: Instagram tests a new layout for Stories that will hide excessive posts: How will it affect users

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Instagram Photo-sharing has gained popularity over the years as a social media service. The Stories The feature of the Facebook-owned platform has been a huge hit as users enjoy sharing what they are doing through this 24-hour photo and video service. Now, Instagram is testing a new layout for stories that could be bad news for creators. It’s new Instagram story Layout will hide excessive posts. According to a 9to5Mac report, a Brazilian user noticed that the Instagram app was showing only three stories shared by other people.
New layout of Instagram Stories Presence
The report suggests that a small group of users received the update. This means that Instagram is still testing these changes before releasing them to all users. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the new changes will be made available to all users.
How will the new Instagram Stories layout work?
Currently, Instagram users can post up to 100 stories at once. However, with this new layout users will have to tap an “Show All” button to see the rest of the stories. Otherwise, with this new update users will be able to see only three stories and Instagram will jump to the next person’s stories.
How will this change affect users?
The new layout for Instagram Stories will bring a significant change as most users are accustomed to tapping the screen to see all the stories from the account at once. Instagram users will no longer be able to use this touch gesture once it is updated. This can be a problem for the creators as the stories posted after the third will probably have a lower number of views.
However, this change will allow users to see more people’s posts in a short period of time and avoid stories if they are not interested in that content. Many manufacturers rely on Instagram as a functional tool and these changes can hurt them.
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