studio display: Apple says that some of the Studio Display features will not work with Windows

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Apples It has made it clear that The main stage And Spatial audio Features of the newly unveiled Studio display Will only work with compatible Mac Or MacBook devices, according to a report by Techradar. This means that if a Windows user wants to buy a 27-inch Studio display, they will not be able to use these two features of the device.
The center stage feature of the studio display can adjust the zoom and pan of the 12MP webcam so that it focuses on you wherever you are in the webcam view. The 12MP camera comes with a 122-degree field of view and with the center stage feature – which is the first of its kind in Mac – it keeps the person focused in the center of the frame, which means you can actually get out of your chair while on a video call and even when you’re moving around a bit. Stay in the center The center stage zooms out the camera whenever someone joins or leaves a video call.
On the other hand, using spatial audio Dolby Atmos Technology for a 3D cinematic sound experience through six speakers (four Ufers and two Twitter) on the studio display.
Both of these features are powered by the A13 bionic chip, which also drives the iPhone 11, iPhone SE and most recent iPads. And, according to Techradar, Apple has confirmed to the publication that “any A13-dependent feature of Studio Display will only work if you connect a supported Mac or MacBook to the monitor.” Thus, with an incompatible device, the center stage feature of a 12MP webcam will not work and as such, the webcam will function as a regular. Also, there is no Dolby Atmos sound for connected devices.




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