Sudha Murthy’s timeless parenting tips are too relevant to ignore

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Children have a sense of belonging. They are usually reluctant to share things with others. Whether it’s toys or chocolates, it’s hard to separate what is in a child’s hand.

Sharing is a very important method that children need to be taught.

During the sharing, Murthy shares a very funny story which is one of the most shared anecdotes about parenting. On various occasions, she told this particular story about how she taught her son the importance of sharing.

When her son persuaded her to give him a birthday party, she estimated that the cost would be around Rs 50,000. Instead of immediately agreeing to his son’s demands, he suggested that he have a small party and give the rest to their driver, to educate his children.

“At first he didn’t agree,” Murthy said. “But later he agreed to a small party,” he added. “Many years later, he paid me his scholarship and asked me to use it to help the families of the soldiers who lost their lives in the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament,” he added.




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