telegram: How Telegram is planning to monetise its platform

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Telegram The platform is expected to monetize by listing users Telegram Premium Features Android Police reports that the latest beta of Telegram’s iOS app indicates that users may soon be asked to pay to get more out of their messaging experience.
The report mentions that Telegram beta channel Response to the updated version 8.7.2 of the app has discovered a new collection of emoji and stickers.
These emojis and stickers are marked as Telegram Premium Exclusive and users will be asked to sign up for the service once they have been selected. Additionally, free users will be blocked from viewing these premium emojis and stickers that will be displayed on the conversation thread.
Earlier, Telegram tried to monetize the platform through ad sales and special features designed for the huge group channels launched in 2021.
The company has not released any details about the upcoming program. There is no information about the price of the service or what benefits it will provide It is difficult to predict that feature Telegram premium service Tools that the company will offer for free and charge for users.
Meanwhile, the report further suggested that Telegram was working on an avatar maker for its emojis and stickers. The app is running Mac operating system Reveals this feature that allows users to combine simple or patterned gradients with their favorite emoji or sticker or even a monogram. However, no other information about Avatar Creator is available at this time.




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