telegram: Telegram Premium subscription may come soon

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Telegram Payment features are being examined for a while. The first signs of a subscription appeared a few weeks ago when some Telegram users on iOS found a pack of ‘premium’ stickers and emojis that were unlocked after paying a subscription fee. Okay, this is limited to just a few users, and if you download the app today, you won’t find such a prompt. At least for now, Telegram wishes users “Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees”, but we know this is going to change in the future.
As spot by Alessandro Paluzzi, A Twitter user, a data string in the app’s codebase shows a new splash screen that provides free unlimited cloud storage for reading `Telegram chat and media, instead of” Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees. ” We already know that there is a premium subscription pipeline with exclusive sticker packs and emojis, but now it also seems that some ads may be offered to users to subscribe to the premium.
There is no word on when Telegram will launch its subscription plan, but we can expect it to be launched soon. Also, we don’t know how much it will cost or what kind of plan Telegram will offer. Rumors suggest that Telegram’s subscription model will be similar Dispute, Offers extra to play with paying users, such as exclusive stickers, emojis or themes. However, for now, nothing can be said for sure.
In 2020, when the premium subscription of Telegram is coming for a long time, Pavel DurvThe founder of the instant messaging app says that “Telegram will start generating revenue from next year” and “will add some new features for business team or power users” which will come under the new premium subscription.




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