These Apple users are reportedly receiving ‘Phantom’ alert

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Apple Airtags Some users are reported to be sending “Phantom” warnings. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, airtag users are receiving false warnings about them. IPhone, Usually at midnight. These alerts are accompanied by maps that show several straight lines radiating from the user’s location as opposed to regular AirTag alerts where the map shows where and for how long the tracking device was detected on their person.
Since the launch of Apple Airtag, numerous incidents have been reported where criminals have used tracking devices for stocking. To solve the problem of unwanted tracking, Apple Airtag And find My Network Accessories is a unique Bluetooth identifier that changes frequently. This helps prevent you from being tracked in places. If the feature detects an unknown Apple accessory nearby, it notifies users.
The report suggests that an error may be due to an error in this feature. After several user reports, Apple acknowledged the problem and suggested a temporary solution. According to a spokesman for Apple, the false warning could be from one IPhone The area receives Wi-Fi signals that temporarily disrupt its location services.
How You Can Fix False Warning AirTag Bugs Temporarily
One possible solution is to go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and turn the switch on and off while Wi-Fi is enabled on the iPhone. The spokesman added that in more densely populated areas, Airtag Others owned nearby may inadvertently trigger unwanted warnings.
Apple recently added a new message to the AirTag setup screen, advising users that “using this item to track people without their consent is a crime in many parts of the world.”




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