These WhatsApp accounts can steal your personal and banking details, here’s how to stay safe

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A new one WhatsApp scandal Which is known to be able to steal your personal information. According to a report by WABetaInfo, with the scam, fraudsters can access your personal and financial information, including bank and card details, using fake support accounts. These fake accounts can be used to extract information from you. Although it is not yet known when the scandal was first reported, one of these fake accounts was reported to have been contacted by discord user shimon128.
How fake support account scandal WhatsApp Works
Fraudsters make one first Fake WhatsApp Support accounts that look like the original. According to the report, these accounts try to look authentic using a specific profile image with a verified badge.
The report suggests that these fake accounts try to extract some personal information from you by warning to close the account. For example, these accounts will ask for your bank card details to avoid termination of your WhatsApp account. Accounts sometimes require a 6-digit PIN to access your WhatsApp account.
How To Protect Yourself From Fake WhatsApp Support Account Scams
First, you should remember that WhatApp will never ask for your bank details, 6-digit PIN, or any other personal information to avoid closing your account. If anyone tries to find out any information on behalf of WhatApp, you should know that it is a fake account.
You should also know that the verified badge in the original WhatsApp support account is placed next to the account name and not in the profile picture. If you ever receive a message from a fake WhatsApp support account, you should go to the chat information section and report immediately. The last 5 messages of the chat will be shared with the WhatsApp moderation team who will suspend the account based on the context of the conversation.




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