These Windows users to soon get new Outlook app

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An unusual turn of events, Microsoft It was forced to make sure it was doing a new job Outlook App for Windows 10 And Windows 11. The project, codenamed ‘Project Monarch’, aims to create a cross-platform email app for users and has been under development for over a year. Apparently, the app was leaked online last week and many users thought about it.
Following this incident, Microsoft issued a warning to discourage users from downloading and using the new One Outlook as it is still under development and lacks some features and improvements.
“We are aware that some users may have access to an unsupported initial trial version of the new Outlook for Windows. This version lacks some features and enhancements that will be available to our subscribers later in the beta channel. We encourage our customers to wait for the beta version to be released, “the tech giant wrote.
Microsoft has also confirmed that a beta version of the new Outlook will be released soon for users who are part of the Office Insider program. At first glance, the new Outlook app looks like a reboot of the Outlook website Windows 11 Integration.
According to previous reports, Microsoft may promote the new app as a reboot of mail and calendar apps. Windows 10 and Windows 11 now come with a pre-installed mail and calendar app based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The app follows the Windows 10 style user interface and has its limitations. This is why most users prefer to use Outlook desktop app or web app.




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