Thyroid eyes: Know what causes it and how to spot it

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Swollen eyes are a common symptom of thyroid eyes. As the immune system attacks the cells around the eye, usually the orbit, the area of ​​your skull where your eyeballs sit, leads to inflammation. It causes the expansion of muscles, fat and other tissues in the area. Also, people with thyroid eye conditions may experience other symptoms such as:

Redness in the white part of your eyes


Pain and stress

Dry or watery eyes

Double the power of vision

Mild sensitivity

Pain in the eyes when looking in different directions


Depending on the severity of the condition and the availability of treatment, the condition of the thyroid eye may go away within the remission period. It can be a problem for six months or a year, disappear for a while and get repaired. If it remains inactive for one year, it is less likely to recur. Symptoms may worsen in regular smokers.




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