tim cook: Apple Watch saves 33-year-old man’s life, Tim Cook responds to wife’s email

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A few days ago, 34-year-old Nitesh Chopra, a resident of Jamuna Nagar, Haryana, did not have a very good body. His strength levels were low and he had some pain in his chest. Last year, Chopra gave a gift to his wife Neha Apple Watch Series 6. When he told his wife that he was not feeling well, he told her to take him ECG Upstairs Apples Clock. Readings show irregularities in the ECG and they immediately go to the local hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, a Angiography It was revealed that Nitesh had 99.9% blockage in his arteries. “The doctor placed a stent in her heart and said we were lucky that nothing bad happened,” Neha told the Times of India-Gadgets Now. Nitesh was in hospital for a few days and was recently released.
Neha wrote an email to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook She wanted him to know that it was Apple Watch Which warned them that something was wrong with their husbands. In his email, he told Cook, “We only arrived at the hospital because of the technology you provided and he is now well and healthy.” She also thanked him – and Apple Watch – for saving her husband’s life.
To his surprise, Cook soon reached out to him in an email. In the email – Neha shared with the Times of India-Gadgetsnow – Cook wrote,
I am very glad that you sought medical help and received the treatment you needed.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.
Stay well.
Best of all,
Team ”
The couple was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Cook. Neha said the couple shared an Apple Watch between them but now she plans to buy another immediately. “It was the Apple Watch that actually indicated that because my husband was in his early 30’s, we didn’t even imagine he had a blocked artery.”
The Apple Watch’s ECG app records an electrocardiogram that represents the electrical pulses that beat your heart. The ECG app examines these pulses to get your heart beating and to see if the chambers above and below your heart are in rhythm. Apple makes it clear that the ECG app or Apple Watch does not indicate if a person is having a heart attack and if any irregularities are noticed, a doctor should be consulted immediately.




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