Tips to choose perfect lip shade for the season

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There are many things to consider when choosing the right lip shade for yourself. Adding color to your lips can make a huge difference in the whole look. It is important to know which color suits your skin best. Wear shades that match your tone and outfit. Kiko Milano make-up expert Pooja Malhotra shares some tips on how to share the perfect lip shade for the season.

Darker colors like light pink, nude and dusky red look good for fair or light skin tones. A medium skin tone can apply shades like mousses and cherry red. Darker skin tones look best in deep shades of brown / purple. An ideal shade would be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color.

The shape of the lips also plays an important role in determining the correct shade of lipstick. Avoid dark colors for thin lips as it makes the lips look thinner, avoid creamy glossy textures for thin lips. Light shades can add thickness to the lips. The shiny and shiny texture will make the lips look full. Outline the lips using a lip liner before applying lipstick. Try several colors / textures before buying lipstick so you can be sure which color is best for you.

Warm red, orange and pink lipstick shades will always be in trend in summer. These colors flatter almost all skin tones. Choose a creamy lipstick for dry flaky lips and to add hydration. Matte lipsticks are long lasting but also accentuate every line of the lips. Avoid if one’s lips are dry. Applying primer or lip balm before matte lipstick can help to finish better.

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