top gun sequel: Microsoft Flight Simulator to train you as a Top Gun pilot

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Launch heels off Sequel to the top song ‘Top guns: Maverick‘Acting Tom Cruise, Microsoft Flight SimulatorIts film tie-in has finally come out as a free DLC. If you own a copy of the game, you can access and download it.
A new top song has been added to the new content: Maverick Edition Lever for the F / A-18E Super Hornet, and as such, three Super Hornet training missions to fine-tune your Super Hornet handling skills. The goal of this training mission is to help the player “master the radical flight maneuver with uncontrolled take-off, split S maneuvers, and high-speed maneuvers through low altitude, complex terrain”.
To make you a more skilled pilot in the game, DLC has added five new challenges, each testing your ability to fly very low and very fast. According to the content description, the DLC “presents five high-speed, low-level challenges that require extreme skill to get to the top of the hill and cross the gorge.”
Here’s a brief trailer for what’s new as part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Top song Maverick Content

In another challenge, you have to land in an aircraft carrier. According to Microsoft, this is “a career deck landing challenge, one of the most demanding operations in the world of military aviation.”
The Top gun The expansion adds a new hypersonic aircraft that can reach the Mac 10 and climb into the sky at an altitude of more than 150,000 feet above sea level. With this hypersonic beast, you can take a mission in the stratosphere.




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