touch sensor: Apple may add more features to its Pencil

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Apples In the future Apple may introduce a touch-sensitive control Pencil To recognize more GesturesSince a patent has been granted by the tech giant USPTO “Touch-based input for Writer“, According to a report from AppleInsider.
Apple is considering adding one Touch sensor The pen that will help get the pen Sensitive input The part which is the user’s natural grip position.
The patent abstract reads: “Touch-based input devices, such as a stylus, can receive sensitive input from the user. Tactile input functions can be performed by a touch sensor, such as a capacitive sensing device. Can be combined with. ”
The idea behind having more input options with the stylus stems from the fact that while holding the stylus, the user confines his input options to a touchscreen device. IPad. That’s why the patent floated the idea of ​​adding a touch sensor Apple pencil A low profile form.
“Accordingly, the additional input capabilities integrated into the input device will provide the user with extended input capabilities without the need to handle additional input devices simultaneously,” the patent adds.
The patent adds that such a stylus will be able to distinguish between the sensitive inputs provided by the user and the user will be able to ignore the registered inputs while holding the stylus in its natural grip position.
Apple Pencil’s previous patent (December 2019) was about integrating haptic feedback into pencils to make drawing more realistic on paper and to record the physical properties of a surface using a pencil.
The goal, in short, is to show the stylus to do more than it is capable of now. And the tech giant could add more control to the next-generation Apple Pencil. It is not clear exactly when this will happen.




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