trojan dropper: Explainer: What is a dropper malware and how to prevent its attack

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A Dropper malware Or Trojan dropper Or just a ‘dropper’ is a Trojan A program that carries a malicious code with it so that it can be ‘dropped’ on the target Smartphone Or PC. It is different from malware that is usually downloaded from a server to infect a system. Instead, dropper malware hides dangerous ‘payloads’ inside an app that triggers after escaping through the device’s firewall / security shield.
Think of it as a stealth bomber jet or a friendly drone that drops a surveillance / hacking device into enemy territory, an enemy smartphone user who has no idea that their phone is infected with malware.
Typically, droppers contain a large number of Trojans that are harmful but essential to the user as programs that look like the key generator of pirated software. No one can do anything if a key is needed to run the software copy and for that reason, the user has to open the keygen to recover the key. See? The keygen is absolutely ‘necessary’ and not harmful to view, so the user clicks on it and eventually destroys the system.
A dropper malware can be hidden in a useful-view app, a recent example being the Fast Cleaner app that has been reported for hiding. Genomorph Banking Trojan inside it. You can read more about it here.
How dropper malware attacks your smartphone / PC
Dropper malware (Trojan dropper) itself is not harmful because the main cause of concern is what it is carrying. The job of a Trojan dropper is to hide malicious tools / codes on the victim’s device. When turned on from the victim’s device, it pulls out malicious code and stores it in memory. Sometimes, dropper malware can carry malware installers. First, the Trojans of the dropper malware disable / neutralize or bypass the security features of the user’s device and only then are they installed.
What dropper malware can carry
The malicious program that is being carried out could be a single or a group of Trojans. It is not necessary that all Trojans be kept there for the same purpose or created by the same hackers. Also, there may be some clean, innocuous files to mask the presence of Trojans.
How to prevent dropper malware from entering your system
There is no foolish way to prevent such an attack but you can start without downloading any app from outside Google Play Store And the Apple App Store on your phone. Also, try not to install unnecessary memory and junk cleaner apps from Google and Apple App Store as they may contain hidden Trojans, as in the case of Xenomorph Banking Trojans. On PC, refrain from downloading files and software from unknown and suspicious looking websites. And, most importantly, a paid investment Antivirus Solution for both your smartphone and PC.




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