twitter bots: Explained: What are Twitter Bots and why Elon Musk and Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal are fighting over them

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Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion Twitter purchase hits a new roadblock, called Twitter bot. CEO of Tesla and CEO of Twitter Pollen Agarwal There is an all-out open war against these Twitter bots Musk argues that the deal to buy Twitter cannot “go ahead” unless the company shows public evidence that less than 5% of the accounts on the social media platform are fake or spam bots. It follows Musk’s previous tweet that the deal was pending for further bot details, after which Twitter’s shares fell nearly 10%. In response to Musk, Agarwal said the platform suspends more than half a million seemingly fake accounts every day, usually before they are seen, and locks millions more weekly, failing to ensure that the platform is controlled by humans and not by software. . He added that the company’s internal systems show that less than five percent of the active accounts on Twitter each day are spam, but that analysis cannot be duplicated externally due to the need to keep user data confidential.
Musk, who has previously said that bots attack Twitter and would prefer to get rid of them if he owns the platform, responded to Agarwal’s series of tweets on Twitter bots with a pu emoji. “So how do advertisers know what they’re getting paid for?” Musk later tweeted about the need for Twitter users to prove they are real people. “It’s fundamental to Twitter’s financial health,” he wrote. Agarwal says the process used to estimate how many account bots there are has been shared with Mask.
So that’s exactly what these Twitter bots and they can do.
What is Twitter bot?
Twitterbot is a software program, also known as Zombie, that sends automated posts to Twitter. Most Twitter bots only send tweets at regular intervals or set specific timelines, usually responding to examples of specific words or phrases in user messages. More sophisticated Twitter bots perform tasks such as mining and analyzing tweets in real time.
What can a Twitter bot do?
Twitter bots are programmed to perform certain predefined and set tasks that are typical of ordinary Twitter users. This includes liking tweets and following other users. Their purpose is to tweet and retweet content for specific goals / objectives / agendas on a large scale. The purpose of this bot activity can be helpful or harmful, depending on the nature of the bot. For example, Twitter bots are used to transmit important messages in real time, such as weather emergencies, to share a wealth of information and to generate automated responses. These are helpful bots.
Twitter bots designed for malicious purposes are used to intimidate, threaten, spread fake news, spam and sock-puppet. According to research firm Norton, “Cybercriminals have at the same time used the Twitter bot to spread malicious content that contains malware to a large group of Twitter users. You can help protect yourself from such malware by clicking on unknown tweets and other communication links. . ”
Twitter bots are also known to be used for political propaganda and to influence elections. “Countries and interest groups can use the Twitter bot to spread discontent or panic. It could potentially affect the healthcare system, financial markets, community activities and choices,” Norton said.
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