Twitter Circle reportedly starts rolling out to wider audience

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Twitter Circle has started testing, its alternative InstagramOf Close friend Features, on its platform earlier this month. Initially, the company introduced the feature to a limited number of Twitter users. Now it looks like the company is expanding it to a wider audience.
Circles, for those who don’t know, are like Instagram’s close friends feature that allows users to limit their audience. Basically, it allows users to create a group and share posts (tweets) with the group instead of all the followers.
Twitter spgaokeperson Joseph Nunez confirmed to The Verge that the feature is still being tested and has not been widely introduced to all users. The company is still testing the feature with iOS users, Android And the web worldwide. The company is collecting feedback from users.
Note that, Twitter circle Currently available to a select number of users, and this feature may not be available to you Follow the steps below to check if you have received the update.
Update the Twitter app to its latest version from the respective App Store and then open the app or go to the Twitter website. Start composing a new tweet. A new dropdown will appear where ‘Everyone’ will be written. Click on the dropdown to select the circle option.
You’ll also find an edit button that lets users edit contacts in a circle Also, Twitter does not notify users that they have been removed or added to the Twitter circle. Also, the circle post will have a ‘circle only’ tweet tag. Currently, the circle limit is limited to 150 users, including followers and non-followers.




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