Twitter no longer allows users to access chronological timeline by default

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Twitter It was previously criticized by many users when it switched from its chronological timeline to a new system that instead showed suggested tweets. Later, however, the social media platform added an option, which, when enabled, allows users to view recent tweets by default.
However, now, this is no longer the case. According to a report from 9to5Google, a new update from Twitter no longer allows users to access the chronological timeline by default.
The report states that Twitter is currently rolling out this update for iOS users and will eventually push them to Android and the web. As mentioned in the company’s Twitter profile, users will have two tabs at the top half of the app to interact with the home (including suggested tweets and latest tweets).
This means you can still view tweets in chronological order, but you can’t access them by default because the Home tab will always appear first. According to a 9to5Mac report, a Twitter spokesperson also confirmed that the change has been added but noted that the company may change it again in the future.
Twitter users, however, reacted quickly. They have reacted negatively to the change. Many of them mentioned that they would like the option to view the latest tweets by default, and the new changes make the feed even more confusing.
Instagram, meanwhile, is testing new feed options that reverse the chronological order without showing post suggestions.




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