Twitter working on a new feature for those who want to post long-form content

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For more than a decade, Twitter Known as a micro-blogging platform with a limited character limit. It started with 140 characters and a few years later it doubled to 280 characters. However, things may change soon with the dubbing of a new underdevelopment feature. Twitter article As has just been shown, suggesting that a radical change could come to Twitter soon.
Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known security researcher, has discovered a new feature known as the Twitter article. As the name suggests, the upcoming feature will support long-form posts, much like the articles you read on the Internet. However, we still don’t know the word limit for Twitter articles.
The feature will allow users to add headers and text formatting. Also, users will be able to add photos, GIFs, videos and tweets to their articles, but there is a limitation; You can only add one video and GIF and up to four photos to a Twitter article Also, there is a “focus mode” that hides the sidebars and expands the composer to full screen.
The Twitter article seems to be inspired by Facebook notes, a now-dead feature that supports long-form posts on Facebook. Wong shared a few screenshots of the menu and pop options where the feature was mentioned as a note.
We don’t know when this feature will be available, but it could be a drop for beta testers at first and maybe then roll out to a wider audience in a stable release.




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