Types of watermelon varieties that are grown in India

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Summer comes and one thing that comes in abundance is watermelon. It is a juicy and sweet fruit that comes in summer and is a perfect cool for the scorching hot season. Whether it’s smoothies, popsicles or even juices, anything can be made with it. If you like to be creative in your kitchen, you can also make gazpacho with it. Or go the easy way, cut it into pieces and enjoy with some black salt. Watermelon is known to be rich in vitamin C and it is rich in potassium, copper, vitamin B5 and vitamin A. No doubt, watermelon is enjoyed by people of any age. Varun Khurana, the founder and CEO of OTP, explains the types of watermelon here. OTP buys watermelons from farmers who are using mulching technology for watermelon cultivation. This leads to sustainable farming and produces better in terms of product safety and sweetness. (Photo courtesy: Istock)

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