vampire: This vampire game has sold over 10 lakh copies in just one week

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V Rising The latest Steam Sensation, launches sold 1 million copies in a week. The Open-World Adventure game launched exclusively on the Steam platform on May 17. It was created and released by a Sweden-based video game developer. Stanlock Studio. The developer took to Twitter to announce the milestone.

In its launch week, V Rising has surpassed titles like GTA 5 to become one of Steam’s top 10 best sellers. Alden RingForza Horizon 4 and FIFA 22.
In V Rising you play a character Vampire Who woke up after a century of sleep. Your goal? Restore your power by feeding others, gain power and slaves, and become the next vampire lord with your own empire.
As a vampire, the most important precaution you can take is to stay away from sunlight. This means hunting at night or when the evening comes down will be most suitable for you. To build your empire, you have to hire people and the game lets you transform people into your slaves. To build your castle, you must amass wealth and also learn ancient techniques that give you dark energy.
You can play the game alone or with friends. There is also a PvP mode and so, you can fight against your friends too.




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