Vanguard Multiplayer: Call of Duty Vanguard’s Multiplayer is free to play for a week

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Activation Blizzard Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer One week free to play. Free game access will be available from May 18 to May 24 During this time, players will be able to access all game maps and modes, including the new campaign. Multiplayer Maps, weapon races, ship houses and much more. It has 20+ maps and more than 9 game modes.
In the new Mehem multiplayer The map, introduced in Season 3, requires players to battle between skyscrapers in a small-sized replica of a metropolis. An outer path surrounds the central area. This map was created for the Close Quarter War.
“Exterior Props defines a 1950s movie set, complete with a UFO, an active volcano, and a monster suit ready for action. For your purposes, however, the battle is set squarely in and around the central city, an off-set flanking route along the northern route and an impassable sea route to the south, “Activation said in a blog post.
Then there is the Arms Race Objective mode, which was first introduced in Season Two. In this game mode your objective is to capture all the bases. You can respawn at captive bases. Buy stations will help you secure extra weapons, ammunition and power. With the help of vehicles, you can transport friendships, move quickly through bases and block enemy fortresses.




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